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Best Vascular Surgeon in Dhaka | Dr. SMG Kibria

Having experience more than three decades of in General, Vascular and laparoscopic Surgery in the UK, Professor Dr. SMG Kibria, the Best Vascular Surgeon in Dhaka, is currently working as a Senior Consultant at Lake View Clinic, Gulshan-2. He is also available at Universal Medical College and Hospital, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

What is Vascular Surgery?

It is the treatment of blood vessels.

As the best Vascular Surgeon in Dhaka, Professor Dr. SMG Kibria manages the conditions of arteries, veins, and lymph vessels. Dr. SMG Kibria deals with identifying problems of circulation and treating them if needed by surgery. Lower and upper limb bypass, carotid artery surgery, blockage of the gut vessels, varicose veins surgery, management of lymphedema, and creation of vascular fistulas for dialysis are some examples of surgeries that a vascular surgeon performs.


Process of Vascular Surgery?

Vascular Surgery is a highly specialized form of surgery for doctors like Professor Dr. SMG Kibria, the best Vascular Surgeon in Dhaka perform. The process of surgery begins by assessing the patient clinically. In most cases, further tests are needed in the form of an ultrasound scan or an angiography. It gives the Surgeon the information needed for treatment.

There are a variety of methods that surgeons can use to fix the problem. They may use traditional methods such as surgery and stitches. Or, they may use newer methods such as laser surgery or stents. Whichever method they choose, they will always aim to improve the health of the patient’s blood vessels.

How Safe is Vascular Surgery?

Surgery is always teamwork. It involves the Surgeon, anesthetist, theater technicians, nurses, radiologists, and ancillary staff. Surprisingly, it is one of the safest medical procedures despite the complexity of most procedures. Several factors contribute to this surgery’s low risk. First and foremost, effective surgical procedures are well-researched, safe, and effective. Secondly, surgeons use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to minimize injury risk. And finally, hospitals and healthcare providers have put in place comprehensive safety protocols that ensure a high level of safety for patients. Vascular Surgeon in Dhaka, Professor Dr. SMG Kibria is a renowned surgeon in this case.

Who is a Good Candidate for Vascular Surgery?

The procedures when needed are essential for saving life and limb. So those whose condition demands that intervention is needed, then surgery is mandatory. As such, no matter what general condition the patient is in, the surgical team gives their best to ensure safe surgery. Moreover, this surgery is not cheap, but the benefits outweigh the cost. And many patients feel that the benefits of this surgery are well worth the cost.

What are the Side Effects of surgery?

Like any operation, this type of surgery will cause pain in the operated area, and your Surgeon should be able to control your pain with adequate painkillers. Apart from the minor side effects of anesthesia, the surgery is safe and fairly straightforward despite the complexity and lengthiness of the procedures.

When Can Patients Return to Work and Activity After surgery?

The main purpose of surgery is for a better quality of life. Most patients can walk within twenty-four hours and are surprisingly mobile within a week.

Contact us for the treatment and services of the Best Vascular Surgeon in Dhaka, Dr. SMG Kibria. He is greatly experienced and an expert in this type of surgery.

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