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Care, Excellence And Professionalism.

I go above and beyond for our patients' health.

- SMG Kibria

Dr. SMG Kibria

Hello, I am Professor Dr. SMG Kibria. I am a fully trained British Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Vascular Surgeon. I have 38 years of experience in General, Vascular, and laparoscopic Surgery in the UK and obtained my complete British training in London, Leeds, Hull, Bristol, Gloucester, and Bath.

I have been a Consultant General, Vascular, and laparoscopic Surgeon in the UK for the last 10 years after completing 20 years of training. I am registered with the General Medical Council UK as a Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon. I am considered one of the Best General Surgeon in Dhaka.

My Philosophy

Our patients have praised us for our service, and we have been recognized with national and international recognition.

My Mission

I will provide care for my patients to the highest standard that I expect from my doctor when me and my family are being treated. I believe in giving patients time and also a dignified, timely and transparent care. I also believe in reducing their expenses by doing away with unnecessary investigations and treatment.

What Make Me the Best Among Others?

Unmatched expertise and distinguished accomplishments in vascular surgery and healthcare leadership.

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Successful Surgeries

Why S.M.G Kibria?

Experience the difference Dr. Kibria offers unparalleled expertise, personalized care, and a commitment to your optimal health outcomes.

Modern Surgical Technology

Utilizing the latest advancements in surgical equipment and techniques.

Expert in Robotic Surgery

Advance and world class medical surgery Experienced

International Collaborations

Engaged in global medical initiatives and partnerships.

Cutting-Edge Research

Involved in innovative research projects.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Dedicated to providing holistic and compassionate care.

Expert Educator

Renowned for mentoring and training future medical professionals.

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    Patient Reviews

    Md. Atekur Rahaman
    Md. Atekur Rahaman
    I had a pleasant experience.
    স্যার, আমি দেশের বাহিরে থাকি।আমি প্রায় ১ বছর ধরে ফ্যাটিলিভারে আক্রান্ত।আমার পেটের উপরিভাগে ডান পাশে প্রায় সবসময় ব্যাথা থাকে।আমি কি ভাবে আপনার পরামর্শ পেতে পারি? ধন্যবাদ স্যার।
    Md Shihab Uddin
    Md Shihab Uddin
    A wonderful, wonderful, kind hearted person. If only all the doctors in Bangladesh were like him. I have never received such treatment from any doctor in Bangladesh. When talking, it seems like an old familiar face.May Allah grant you long life.
    raju ahmed
    raju ahmed
    Very good doctor
    Sezan Mahmud
    Sezan Mahmud
    I would be happy to assist you with a review for your doctor Professor S. M. G. Kibria Laparoscopic and Vascular Surgeon. FRCS(ENGLAND) FRCS(EDINBURGH) FRCS(GLASGOW) FRCS(GENERAL) MSC(UK)MBBS(DMC) Senior Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Vascular Surgeon. Lakeview Clinic Vascular Center, Gulshan 2 Professor S. M. G. Kibria is an exceptional doctor and consultant. His expertise in laparoscopic and vascular surgery is evident in his excellent work and results. He is very approachable and takes the time to explain the procedures to his patients in detail, ensuring that they are well-informed and comfortable with the process. I was impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, and his ability to make me feel at ease during my consultations with him. He was always patient, compassionate, and attentive to my needs and concerns, which made me feel confident in his abilities as a surgeon. Furthermore, his staff was also very helpful and courteous, ensuring that my appointments were scheduled promptly, and my queries were addressed in a timely manner. Overall, I would highly recommend Professor S. M. G. Kibria Laparoscopic and Vascular Surgeon to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate doctor who is committed to providing excellent patient care. He truly goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients receive the best possible treatment and outcomes.
    He is the best doctor in Bangladesh. We are so proud to have him